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We have virtual experience live on your smartphone. you can always check the jewellery and it will be like the designs you wear. JewelGravity provides everyday innovative solutions and now we are using the latest technology and virtual and VR experience for each and every jeweller. so customers can see the jewellery on their face and hand live.

Customers don't need to upload photos. they just have to come to face camera and it will automatically place your jewelry on your face or earring or nose. It is a completely virtual reality experience and customers feel like they wore jewellery. 

Also, we do have a different type of jewellery buying and testing experience. when you are buying jewellery, whatever the design you like you can book the appointment in one click and the jeweller will be online at your appointed time so you can check the designs on a video call and ultimately you can check the designs and the quality at the size everything on a video call and once satisfied. Then you book the order.

You can customize the jewellery the way you want. You can customize 14 Karat to 18 Karats and18 karat to 22 Karats. Change the diamond quality and colour. You can change the size of jewellery and ultimately the price will change according to your need. You can see the full calculations of the price of the gold price, diamond prices, making a charge, GST or taxes with full transparency. We do provide all breakup of jewellery.

See the magic of your buying jewelry online in innovative and different, unique, interesting forms only on




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