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Buying and Price Guide

When you buy jewellery, you should have knowledge of gold karat and gold price and the making of jewellery. At Jewel Gravity we educate people on how to buy jewellery online and how to select a karat.

It is very simple to understand the task when you buy jewellery online. The weight of the jewellery is always fixed but the price of the gold always changes. So the gold price multiplies by the gold weight. Also, depending on the gold karat.

Jewellery price is always part of the gold price, making cost and government tax. Price comes from the gold rate multiplied by today's gold rate of that gold karat. Making costs is always fixed. It depends on the jewellery type.

Making cost is the percentage of gold price or per gram. The government taxes apply to the total rate of jewellery. All become the final cost of that jewellery piece.

If needed our expert will help you to understand the concept of gold rate. if you don't understand please contact us and our expert will help you!




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