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We started our jewellery e-commerce online business and selling all type of jewellery online. So when jewelgravity become popular jewellers started to come to us and asking about the E-Commerce of their own jewellery. Some jewellers already have their E-Commerce but they don't know how to promote and how to reach the people who want to jewellery buy.

It issue because of the lack of knowledge they don't understand how to promote and how to work in the technology market, also meanwhile they are spending so much money and the result was zero.

There are so many jewellers who requested us to start the marketplace of jewellery so even they can upload their jewellery and they can sell their jewellery via But the main logic of selling jewellery is local to local. Because sometimes people think about the future of the product that they buy from jewel gravity.

They wanted to replace it in future or they wanted to send gold or they wanted to buy back it. So a target audience was requesting us to provide some unique and innovative solutions. Where they can buy the jewellery from the local vendors or jewellers from jewel gravity and in future, if they wanted to buy back or sell gold so they can immediately visit their jewellers whoever they buy from jewel gravity and immediately get the solutions. customers don't need to worry about selling their gold jewellery or their jewellery. Also, this jewellery was available online on the smartphone with complete price details and full transparency.

The jewelgravity has come in the market and now it is fulfilling the need of customers and jewellers. it is giving very good business to jewellers and very good designs to customers very quickly because local jeweller can reach local very quickly. Even sometimes when customers order jeweller's staff can go for delivery of the jewellery to their customer.

Also, jewel gravity has an innovative concept of promo codes and discount coupons. So if customers buy jewellery from online jewel gravity, the options are always there. But if they wanted to go and they wanted to check the jewellery in the shop, then there is an innovative concept of the coupon of jewellery.

Customers can get jewellery discount coupon in one click with free of cost of up to 20% to 50% on making or diamond jewellery depending on the offer and that they can use while they visit the physical nearby showroom of jewellers. they can visit and they can look and fill the jewellery. After that when they pay and they get a good amount of discounts. 

Both customers and jewellers are happy. That is our concept!

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