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Certification Guide

At Jewel Gravity when you buy jewellery online, you don't need to worry about certifications of jewellery. But generally, certification is a valuation of jewellery.

Two types of certificate

  • 1) Gold Hallmark Certificate (HUID)
  • 2) Diamond Certificate

Gold jewellery always has HUID on every piece. It may be 22 Karat or it may be 18 Karat or 14 Karat. Shows the purity of gold jewellery.

A real diamond is always a certified diamond. It is done by IGI laboratories and this certificate shows the purity and quality of that particular diamond. Each diamond has a different kind of clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. So these all are IGI laboratory check and provide the certifications of that diamond with the complete details so we should know the diamond quality and price of the diamond and here at jewel gravity we always have certified diamond jewellery and we always guide our customers to buy diamond jewellery with certified diamond only.




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